Espresso Machine's Redefining How Coffee Is Served

Espresso Machine's Redefining How Coffee Is Served

Coffee has been enjoyed through the centuries. As legend has it, it was first discovered in the forests of the Ethiopian plateau by a local farmer after noticing a kick in energy his herd of goats had after eating berries from a certain tree.  He passed on the discovery to an abbot at his local monastery, who made a drink out of the berries and found it contained energizing properties after it kept him awake through the night. The drink—which has transformed today into lattes and cappuccinos thanks to the use of espresso machines—soon made its way to the Arabian Peninsula, where it then spread across the globe.

Over the last century coffee has transitioned from necessity in our culture to defining one’s personality.  With the great work companies such as Starbucks have done with bringing over specialty coffee ideas from Europe, it seems like everyone (millennials in particular) have gravitated towards coffee shops as of late to have their favorite coffee drinks created. Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies can help your restaurant, bakery, or café become equipped with the latest in espresso machines, coffee grinders, general coffee accessories, and equipment.


Saeco Exprelia EVO Espresso Machine

Our Saeco Exprelia EVO espresso machine is one of the best espresso machines on the market and can be easily integrated into both a commercial and personal kitchen. If you want the option of choosing your bean granularity, a memory function that remembers your personal preference (length, strength, and temperature), and one-click removable parts for easy cleaning this machine, is for you!  The patented milk carafe with dual chamber technology produces specialty coffee drinks with long lasting and dense milk froth. Impress your customers and family members with a premium milk experience, served automatically without hassle!

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