Discover More on the Energy Efficient Restaurant Refrigeration Equipment Offered at Zanduco

Discover More on the Energy Efficient Restaurant Refrigeration Equipment Offered at Zanduco

With energy costs rising incrementally across North America, business owners are now faced with the task of integrating new equipment that uses less energy and helps them to cut their costs for the coming years. This is particularly important within the restaurant industry, where razor thin margins are already being impacted by rising energy pricing. By working with a trusted specialist for high quality restaurant refrigeration equipment, restaurant operators can now find systems that will help them save money while offering superior service. Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies is now the specialist of note in the marketplace.

The experts at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies have a clear understanding on the challenges faced by the modern restaurant operator. They know that whether the operator is running a small family diner or a larger chain restaurant, they require equipment that can be run with energy efficiency while helping their business reduce its expenditures. The company’s staff evaluate a broad range of products throughout their work with brand name companies and ensure that only the best products are offered as part of their complete catalogue.

Within the company’s wide-ranging selection, they now offer ovens, microwaves, bar equipment, furniture, and much more. For example, they offer the latest high-performance restaurant refrigeration equipment at affordable pricing. Many of the latest options are also available with free shipping, to help operators further cut down on their restaurant costs. An example of the high caliber products available within the company catalogue is the Zanduco 60" Chest Freezer with Solid Flat Top, which is uniquely designed to help restaurant improve their sales of frozen novelties directly within the service space. The freezer features a hinged lid, which enables it to stay open while the products inside remain cool as the customer looks through the frozen selection inside. The system has been designed for minimal maintenance, and features aluminum walls that make cleaning a breeze for all users. It’s the ideal addition to a broad range of restaurants and stores in which a large, high efficiency storage space is required.

The experts at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies are now presenting clients with a full selection of restaurant refrigeration equipment options for use within their business. To discover more on the company and their complete catalogue, call their team now.


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