How to Choose High-Efficiency Commercial Kitchen Equipment

How to Choose High-Efficiency Commercial Kitchen Equipment

One of the most important considerations when choosing commercial kitchen equipment is selecting products that are designed for energy efficiency. Without this level of efficiency, it can be difficult to maintain a business successfully over the coming years. Our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has significant experience in the marketplace and in this latest post, we’re highlighting how to choose high-efficiency commercial kitchen equipment.

Consider current equipment issues

The first step is to consider issues with your current equipment. What type of equipment do you need to replace in the coming months? What are the costs associated with running your current equipment? For example, many restaurants are finding that they’re spending more money on water costs than ever before and need to replace their dishwashers. Make sure you list all equipment to be replaced and then begin your search of the marketplace.

Review EnergyStar equipment

The EnergyStar certification on a piece of equipment indicates that it has been reviewed by independent experts and found to meet the highest quality standards in terms of efficiency. This means it’s important to select products that are designed to this standard when reviewing equipment. Make sure when you’re reviewing products that you speak with a sales representative of the company directly to ensure that you achieve the ideal return. One of the most common mistakes many restaurants make is choosing a product based on only online reviews. Make sure you consider direct sales experience when reviewing products and choose based on the durability of the system and its potential value to your team.

Focus on One Piece of Equipment at a Time

When investing in high-efficiency equipment for your kitchen, it’s important that you don’t try to integrate several pieces of equipment at once. Choose one product and make sure it’s the right system for the team. You can then complete the upgrades to the rest of the kitchen in stages so that over time, you’ll have a full high efficiency machine working for your business. It’s important to speak with qualified commercial kitchen equipment experts when buying new products for your restaurant. To discover more about the options, call our team today!


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