5 Steps to Reducing Restaurant Supply Costs

5 Steps to Reducing Restaurant Supply Costs

As a business owner, it’s likely you’re facing a number of challenges as you look to compete in the 2018 marketplace. Restaurant supply costs are a leading element in your business plans, and our team is here to help you reduce your costs for the years ahead. In this latest post, we’ll highlight our five steps for reducing restaurant supply costs.


Step 1: Review inventory

The first step in the process is to review your current inventory. Find out how much you’re spending per product and then create a spreadsheet of your costs over the entire year.


Step 2: Evaluate product quality

Within your inventory, rate the products used within your restaurant. Does the restaurant supply product hold value for your company? Make sure that your team is heavily involved in this process.


Step 3: Review alternate options

For products that have been rated poorly by your team, step into the restaurant supply marketplace and search for alternative options. Make sure you speak with a number of suppliers to find out more about the available options and their costs. Try to book consultations with the suppliers to speak about the products directly.


Step 4: Book sample products

When possible, you should ask for a sample product from the supplier to determine its quality and its performance within your restaurant space. Make sure that sample size is large enough for you to make a clear decision about the product and its value. And ensure that your team knows you’re going through with the sample phase and that their feedback is required.


Step 5: Select the product Now that you have all the information available regarding the sample products and their performance, choose the restaurant supply option that your team feels is the best suited to your business. Make sure that the product is integrated into the inventory and that it is maintained regularly to ensure full availability around the clock for your team.


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